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  • Vanadium Inhibitors

We supply a complete range of Vanadium Corrosion Inhibitors to treat heavy fuel oil and/or crude oil fired in combined cycle gas turbines and steam boiler units for power generation applications. The grades that we supply are the most advanced in this field, from nano-micronized carboxylate based organo-metallic grades with 20% Mg content and sulphonate based grades with 11%, 13%, and 15% Mg content. Other grades are advanced slurry types with 30%, 43%, 60% Mg content with suitable catalysts. Such grades are very well suspended in suitable mediums to ensure extended shelf-life during transport and storage.  Please contact us for any enquiries.

  • Emulsion Breakers

We supply the most advanced grades of Emulsion Breakers for Crude Oil as well as heavy fuel oil, while ensuring the lowest dose rate available on the market and the shortest contact time, thereby reflecting great savings for our clients.  Please contact us for any enquiries.

  • Corrosion Inhibitors, Oxygen Scavengers, Biocides and Clarifiers

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